Skin care treatment

by in Uncategorized January 14, 2020

Skin care treatment starts with a clean surface.. what was I doing with this client? I was Electrocuterizing warts on the neck area. Warts are Viral! It spreads all over the body by scratching with dirty hands, or in contact with someone that has warts (most common is cheek to cheek “besos”) .. it also spreads easily in areas that are moist… anyone can have warts, even kids too.. it’s usually not worrisome for others but if you feel bothered by it, talk to your doctor about it.

A licensed Esthetician can remove warts as well. Although there is no cure for it, electrocuterization is a method to eliminate and remove warts. Going back to this client, this was his second time to do the treatment. The first time was 5 years ago from another esthetician, and he could still remember how uncomfortable and painful it was… this time, now with me, he slept and “snored” while I removed his warts. He told me this was no discomfort at all. I was glad to hear it! What an accomplishment for me as a professional, because my goal is to make sure that my clients would feel comfortable and relaxed during their treatments.. ofcourse, every person tolerates pain differently so we can never make this assumption. But I was glad he had a great experience!

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